Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Aviod leakages

Living in concert jungles, people do have a soft corner for nature as well. You all can very well see it on the above photograph. People do have small garden area in balcony or terrace. The only problem with it is they use access of water which hampers the buildings exterior wall as well as paint also. Most of the plants do not survive on excess amount of water. Due to excess of water there is always a water pool in your balcony and these things do attract mosquitoes and other insects. I am not at all against it but we can take simple measures.

Better use a sprayer which will consume less water and plants will grow much faster.

Keep the area dry as far as possible to avoid leakages.

Use some natural pesticides like Neem, Tobacco etc.

Use natural manure like Cow dung, dry leaves etc.

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