Thursday, June 26, 2008

Goa monsoon magic

Goa is popularly known the world over, as a paradise by the sea. But during the monsoon, Goa has a different kind of haunting beauty. If you are open to the offbeat holiday, a monsoon retreat in Goa can be captivating. The rains transforms the landscape dramatically and the countryside turns refreshingly green and cool.

Farmers slough fields that will soon turn into a sea of green, and you might be lucky enough to catch the lively and exhilarating. Another notable factor is that most of the resorts offer heavy discounts and packages during the monsoon season. So not only do you get a chance to see a different side of Goa during the rains, but you can also hone your negotiating skills to get the best deals.

Visit Goa's many beautiful temples and churches or perhaps just enjoy a bird-watching cruise or a dolphin-spotting trip together. It is also well connected by air as well as rail and road networks. And if you need still more reasons to visit Goa, you can find them in the warmth and hospitality of her people and the tantalizing Goan cuisine, especially the scrumptious seafood specialties.

Goa has much more to offer, Goa is beautiful in all seasons and I feel people should make the most of the opportunity to visit the state during monsoon season too, when the cooler climes and the lush greenery all around make for a whole new, refreshingly different experience. Aside from being less crowded during monsoons, the gentle sound of the falling rain is also the perfect inspiration for creative people, including thinkers, poets and artists, to reawaken and reconnect with the wellsprings of creativity within.

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