Thursday, May 7, 2009


In the remembrance of the girl with the sweetest smile.....

Deepa Gudhka
Born 17th, June 1979 Death 14th, March 1998

I was walking alone on a street on day,
Searching for friends to accompany me through the day,
When suddenly you happened to pass bye me,
And gave me a smile, that made my day,
After that, I was frequently drawn to that street,
With hopes that we may again meet,
Specially on the days that were really gloomy
I wished you'd brightened them with your smile so sweet.
Soon I was walking there everyday,
And to see that smile I used to always pray.
I then wanted you to be my friend forever,
And to you all my trouble I wished to say.
In no time we became great friends,
And in my life you made many amends.
I used to ask only this of God,
That our friendship, never ever ends.
But now, as I'm standing at your funeral,
I've come to know, that even He's so cruel.
He took you so far away from me,
That now, you won't be able to hear
me even if I were to scream,
And now as I walk across that street,
Hoping to see that smile so sweet,
All I get is tears in my eyes,
And hopes that again, sometime we may meet
Your smile haunts me every night,
Of my life, it was the only light.
All I do now, is see you in my dreams,
An all your thoughts always hold tight.
As the years go by, the ache may dim
And the nagging thoughts become ever so few
But one thing is for sure, I'll always miss you

This poem was printed on Tuesday 16th March, 1999 Bombay Times, The Times Of India.

Anjali Shah of SIES Collage Of Commerce & Economics, had written this poem on the first anniversary of her friend, Deepa who passed away on March 14th, 1998.

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Anonymous said...

Thats real touchy......May her soul rest in peace.

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