Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Alphabet of Success

A: Avoid all negatives- people, habits, thinking.
B: Believe in yourself and in Life.
C: Constantly add to your prospect list.
D: Dream, Dream, Dream.
E: Expect the Best and only the Best.
F: Focus, Focus, Focus.
G: Give more than you expect to receive.
H: Hold tight to your dreams.
I: Ignore those who discourage you.
J: Just do it!
K: Keep trying until you get it right.
L: Lead by example.
M: Make it happen, no matter what it takes.
N: Never compromise your integrity.
O: Open yourself to learning.
P: Project it until you perfect it.
Q: Quit procrastinating.
R: Respect others and respect yourself.
S: Serve your partners and your customers.
T: Take control of your destiny.
U: Understand that anything is possible.
V: Visualize.
W: Want it more than anything.
X: Xcellerate your efforts.
Y: You are God's unique and important Creation.
Z: Zero in on your goal and go for it.

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